Cooler Master V550S Review

Layout, Design and Features …

Let us now come from the technical data to the optical details and practical criteria.
The black metal chassis of the V550S power supply has a good finish and makes a high-quality impression.

Here is a bent view of the partially modular V550S power supply unit with the usual cable-clew:

The large 120 mm thermal regulated fan attached at the lower surface sucks the fresh air into the power supply and blows the warmed up air without another fan through the small holes out of the power supply. The fan is very quiet, so that one hardly recognize the sound of the fan after installing in the PC.

Thanks to the effective cooling over the 120mm fan, another fan is not necessary on the power supply back. Here one can see the back of the power supply, where only the power switch and the connector for the 100-240 volt power cord is installed:

As already mentioned on the first power supply test page, the Cooler Master V550S power supply is partially modular build and provides a cleared up PC. This can improve the air circulation inside of the PC case contrary to a non-modular power supply, protects the hardware through a lower heat and increases durability of the components. The cable selection is limited to the Molex and the SATA power connector as well as a floppy power connector. The required connector for the motherboard and graphics card are firmly attached to the power supply, what makes sense in most cases, perfectly.

The angled SATA connectors are as seen on some other PSUs not optimally designed, since the rear cap can get off easily, whereby the contacts on the back of the plug are opened. Cooler Master showed with the plugs of their CM Silent Pro M500 PSU, how to solve this in a better way.

The processing of all other plugs is excellent.

The 24-pol ATX V2.31 power cord is protected with a black mesh plastic sleeve and can be converted to a 20-pin plug connector.

A look inside of the power supply shows a high quality finish.

The high-quality 105°C capacitors used in this PSU, achieve a higher durability than conventional 85°C Elcos and thus increase the durability of the power supply.

Cooler Master V 550 Watt PSU Result and general impression …