Crucial 3GB Kit DDR3-1333/PC3-10600 CT3KIT12864BA1339 Memory Review

The memory modules are delivered without heat spreader (heatsinks), so it is necessary to measure the RAM temperature for higher overclocking. Alternatively one can mount a passive or active memory cooler, which are available in different versions e.g. at our sponsors like

Crucial grants lifelong warranty (Limited Lifetime Warranty) for the buyer. All information to manufacturer conditions are of course without guarantee by

Officially these Crucial modules are designed for the JEDEC standard voltage of 1.50 V for DDR3 modules. The manufacturer timings and latency can be easily reached on this voltage. By the way, the test modules were equipped with Micron D9KPT chips, whereby the assembly can vary however within production.

3GB RAM in operating systems …

32-Bit operating systems like e.g. Windows Vista x32 or Windows 7 x32 or also Windows XP as 32-Bit version supports less than 4 GB, thus 3GB memory capacity is an optimal size for these operating systems.Here is a guide which contains among other things a table, how much RAM is supported by the respective operating systems.