DeepCool CH560 Digital Review

Result and general impression …

At a price of just below 140 Euro, the DeepCool CH560 Digital is an excellently equipped midi tower with three 140mm A-RGB fans, a 120mm A-RGB fan, a stylish LCD and a graphics card support. In addition, the workmanship can be described as very good. Everything fits during our test.

The massive mesh front may not be to everyone’s taste, but that’s debatable. The CH560 Digital cannot deny a certain touch of “form follows function”. However, it is precisely this design that gives the CH560 Digital a relatively large interior in relation to its external dimensions. The CH560 Digital is also available in white for a more elegant and airy look.

In our opinion, a few details such as the spartan dust protection grilles or the lack of cable fastening eyelets have been cut back a little too much, but that’s something you can get over.

With minor compromises, the DeepCool CH560 Digital is finally a very good PC case that fits even the largest graphics cards and a thick 360mm radiator, which is quite remarkable for a midi tower.

All in all, the DeepCool CH560 Digital deservedly receives our Purchase Tip Award 02/2024.

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