Enermax ETS-T40F-BK Review

Result and general impression …

We started this review with the question if the Enermax ETS-T40F-BK can stand out from the competition. At this point our answer has to be a yes and no. On the plus side there is clearly the design. There are only few completely black heatsinks by reputable manufacturers.

We are really convinced by the supplied fan which can be bought separately under the name “T.B. Apollish”. It generates really bright, sharply defined strips of light, almost comparable to laser pointers. If the fan is operated voltage modulated by 3-pin connector the really low start-up voltage of 5V really stood out, this way the fan could be operated nearly silent. However, the LED begin to work only at about 7V.

The supplied mounting hardware could not keep up with the high quality of the radiator itself. Plastic backplate and fan brackets have a relatively cheap tough to them. Enermax could’ve had provided a metal backplate and fan brackets or brackets made of rubber, as it is even with some cheaper products.

This brings us to a central point of our criticism. At nearly 40 Euro the lean tower cooler costs about as much as its fatter brother Enermax T40. So ultimately the same price for a heatsink with 150g potential exchange area less. One should think twice if it’s not better to get one of those cheaper competition products that don’t sell their narrow chest as an innovative feature.

In summary the Enermax T40F-BK is a slim, silent tower cooler with adequate cooling capacity as long as one doesn’t push into the realm of extreme overclocker. For whomever wants to bring aforementioned design features into his computer it’s worth the purchase. Otherwise there are cheaper or larger alternatives.

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