EKL 462 N2/GHH Review with online sound

In this review we have tested the EKL 462 N2/GHH Cooler and measured the temperature results with our test setup. Additionally you can listen to an embedded MP3 fan sound sample of the fan on the respective heatsink.

Name EKL 462 with 6700 rpm (612 N2/GHH) Papst fan *
Size over all L/B/H o 80/78/65 mm You could get trouble to mount the heatsink if you’ve capacitors beside the socket.
Cooling output +++ 33 CFM (6700 rpm – * also with other fans available)
Noise level – 40 dB (A) Too loud to sleep while working with your PC 🙂 Listen to the sound:
Mounting —- The clip of this fan is a plastic clip and after mounting the heatsink two times i got a broken plastic clip. So this is the first heatsink without metal clip and therefore i don’t want to see any other heatsinks with such a plastic clip. And till today i don’t know how to take down the heatsink without violence 🙂
Cooling results +++ 40° C bei 1,75 Volt und 43° C bei 1,9 Volt. Saugend montiert (Schrift oben) ist die Kühlleistung um ca. 5-6° C schlechter !
General impression ++ The very big heatsink seems to perform miracles but the quality should be better !!! Also you could get problems to mount the heatsink on a mainboard with something like capacitor beside the socket. It’s not possible to use this HSF with a Peltier Element !Pictures …

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