Icy Dock ExpressCage MB038SP-B Review

Layout, design and features …

Similar to the Tough Armor series, this ExpressCage removable frame is made entirely of black metal and, as usual with IcyDock, makes a very stable and high-quality impression. This removable rack was explicitly developed to enable a high data density in desktop systems or (home) servers. Up to eight drives up to 7 mm high can be installed. Each drive is connected directly and no RAID chip is installed.

In addition to the two SATA power connections, the SATA data connection can also be seen on the back.

The drives are not only cooled by heat dissipation via the metal housing, but are also actively supported by two 40 mm fans. Unusually for IcyDock, these fans do not have a speed control switch and cannot be switched off completely. If a fan change is required, conventional 2- and 3-pin fans are compatible.

Unfortunately, IcyDock no longer uses the proven carriers of the EZ-Tray series for this ExpressCage, although the height of the Slide Mini Trays would have been suitable. The new (nameless?) trays have no plastic lugs, which would have allowed the drives to be attached with a maximum of 2 screws, and there is no bar at the back, as there is on the EZ-Tray of the MB326SP-B, for example. So while you could theoretically have inserted an SSD into the bay without screws in the EZ tray (which works without any problems in practice), the drives now have to be screwed in place.

Now we come to the installation of the Icy Dock ExpressCage MB038SP-B removable frame …