Icy Dock MB324SP-B ExpressCage Review

The technical data …

Manufacturer Icy Dock
Description MB324SP-B
Dimensions 145.8 mm x 41.3 mm x 140.5 mm / 5 1/4 inch
Color Black
Weight 440 grams
Fans one build-in fan,
Young Lin Tech Co. Ltd. DC fan
12 V, 0.8 W, 0.06 A
5400 rpm
airflow 5.62 CFM
noise 24.87 dBA
dimensions 40 mm x 40 mm x 10 mm
Connections 1x 15 pin SATA power connector
4x 7 pin SATA3 data connector
1x 3 pin fan connector
1x 2 pin fan connector
Others supports SSDs/HDDs up to 6 Gbps
max. drive height 12,5 mm
hdd mountable without tools
supports SAS drives
operating LED
fan speed jumper off/low/high
warranty 2 years

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