Icy Dock MB524SP-B FlexiDock Review

Installation …

An usual 15-pin SATA power plug is used as power supply. The SATA connectors are designed directly, which means that in theory there is no loss of speed, since in principle they only represent an extension of the SATA cable. We will of course still test whether this is actually the case in practice. It is also positive to note that it is very easy to assign the connection to the matching slot, as it is marked with an arrow. A jumper is used to switch the factory installed fan on or off. Alternatively you can exchange the fan for another 40mm fan, because it has a normal 3-pin connector.

The 2.5″ drives can be simply inserted into the corresponding bay without tools. The whole thing works haptically very well. All you have to do is take care about the connections.

However, a smear in optics has to be taken if SSDs/HDDs of different design are used. A nice alternative to eliminate this shortcoming would be a bezel.

During the following start-up the blue LEDs also lit up immediately. Practically, the LEDs immediately show which drive is busy with read/write accesses.

Let’s now see whether the FlexiDock can also impress in practical tests.

Icy Dock FlexiDock MB524SP-B mobile rack field test …