Lian Li O11 Dynamic Mini Review

Layout, design and features interior …

The Lian Li O11 Dynamic is an exclusive and nobly designed case, which was created in cooperation with Der8auer. The overall quality impression is excellent and the modularity is impressive. You can find a wide range of installation options in the smallest of spaces. Let’s first take a look at the case’s inner workings.

The casing is excellently manufactured and you won’t find any sharp edges even after intensive searching. The cable grommets are equipped with a rubber cable protector so that no cables can be damaged.

The cables are hidden behind the motherboard tray in a cable channel. This is covered with a bezel on which the Lian Li Der8auer logo is engraved on an aluminum plate. In addition, two 2.5″ drives can be installed on the bezel.

Here you can also see the 2-chamber system of the O11 Dynamic Mini. The SFX(-L) power supply is mounted on the top right and two 3.5″ or 2.5″ hard drives or SSDs can be installed underneath.

The hard disks/SSDs are mounted on a tray and then pushed into the drive bay from behind.

Unfortunately, the bay is not hot-swappable, so before removing the drives, you have to open the side panel, remove the cable bay panel, and unplug the devices from the SATA and power cables. That would have been another icing on the cake to the otherwise well-designed O11 Dynamic Mini.

The connection panel is located on the top of the O11 Dynamic Mini, embedded in acrylic glass, and looks just as perfectly finished as the rest of the case.

The connection for USB 3.0 and USB 3.1, audio and the connection of the buttons and LEDs on the mainboard are connected.

If you want to install an ATX motherboard, you have to attach the plate included in the accessories inside. So that the full width of the motherboard can be supported and fixed. Here you can also see a small point of criticism, because the spacers for an ATX motherboard are already pre-mounted! But if you install a Mini ATX or Micro ATX, they have to be removed. Unfortunately, the loosening of the tightened spacers causes unsightly quirks on the motherboard tray, as you can see in the picture. Perhaps Lian Li should also include these spacers in the accessories and not pre-mount them.

On the back of the case you can see nicely how modular the system is built. Depending on the motherboard, you have an almost completely free choice of how you want to place the motherboard inside.

Here you can see the disassembled slot covers.

The suspension of the front and side windows is also very nicely solved here. These are simply inserted by means of 4 grooves from top to bottom.

The lid has to be unscrewed first, but this is quickly done with 2 knurled screws.

The side panel and the lid have ventilation holes, and the side panel has additional dust filters behind them. The dust filters are magnetically attached, but they can slip very easily. When you move the system, you should check the dust filters correct fit.

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