Lian Li Q58 Review

Layout, design and features interior …

All in all, the inner construction of the case is very well thought out. However, since the case is so compact, some compromises have to be made here. We’ll get to that further down.

Here you can see the view of the mainboard tray and the mounting location of the power supply.

In the Lian Li Q58 you can install a SFX, SFX-L or a short ATX power supply. When using an ATX power supply, there is the first compromise. For an ATX PSU you have to change the top insert, so you can only use either a 120mm or 140mm fan or a 120mm AiO watercooling. The installation of a 240mm or 280mm AIO would therefore no longer be possible. We use a fully modular Lian Li SP750 SFX power supply for the test setup.

In the upper left center of the case, there is a hot-plug slot for a 2.5″ SSD next to the power supply.

Overall, the case is really well made, everything has a very good material quality and the aluminum sheets are very stable.

The graphics card is then mounted on the left side. Fortunately, the necessary riser cable is included. The Lian Li Q58X4 comes with a riser cable for PCIe 4.0 transfers. In contrast, the previous Lian Li Q58X3 included a PCIe 3.0 riser cable.

Let’s move on to the assembly of all components in the Lian Li Q58X4 case.

Lian Li Q58X4 Practical testing …