Lioncast LK300 RGB Pro Review

Today we test on with the Lioncast LK300 RGB Pro another mechanical keyboard made of brushed aluminium with Cherry MX Brown Switches and an extraordinary RGB illumination.

Thanks for the support …

Many thanks for the support to swedeken and the manufacturer Lioncast.

The Lioncast LK300 RGB Pro has at review date a price of approx. 139 Euro.

You can order the Lioncast LK300 RGB Pro keyboard here. *Ad

Scope of delivery …

The keyboard comes in a white cardboard box with high gloss print.

The LK300 Pro’s unique selling propositions, including the Cherry MX Brown Switches and the brushed aluminum case, are advertised right out of the box.

The technical specifications of the keyboard are listed on the back of the packaging.

The packaging contains the keyboard, a magnetic palm rest and an A5 note, the quick start guide.

The quick start guide is limited to the obvious tip of connecting the keyboard to a USB port on the computer and refers to the Lioncast website where you can download the manual and software for the LK300. The software is not necessary to operate the keyboard, but it makes it easier to program the macro keys and lets you select the RGB effects directly.

Lioncast LK300 RGB Pro technical specifications …