MSI GeForce RTX 4090 Gaming X Trio 24G Review

Temperatures and power consumption …

Below we have created a table in which the tested temperatures and consumption values are listed. As this varies greatly during the games, this information is, as always, without guarantee.

Game Temperatures Power consumption
Overall system
Starfield Ø 43 °C 470 Watt
Ready or Not Ø 59 °C 528 Watt
Read Dead Redemption 2 Ø 44 °C 450 Watt
3DMark Professional Time Spy Run max. 58,9 °C 566 Watt

With a little tuning using the Curve Optimizer, we can undervoltage the GPU and save some power and thus a few degrees Celsius. Instead of 1.050 V, the GPU also runs at 0.925 V.

Overclocking …

As we still have some room for improvement due to the large cooler, we turn the overclocking screw a little. Approx. 200 MHz for the GPU should be enough here. Unfortunately, it was not possible to increase the RAM without significantly increasing the voltage. MSI has already exhausted what is feasible here. The result is impressive. The card achieves a whopping 31,594 points with a maximum temperature of approx. 76°C.

Curve Optimizer …

What is possible in one direction should also be possible in the other. At the beginning we mentioned the Curve Optimizer, with which we lowered the GPU voltage to 0.925 V. The stable operation showed a small drop in the 3DMark score to 29,619 points, but lowered the temperature to a whopping 58.1°C!

Afterburner settings Temperatures Furmark Power consumption
Overall system
Stock GPU 2595 MHz (No Curve optimized), 1.050 V max. 84°C 642 Watt
Stock GPU 2595 MHz (Curve optimized), 0.925 V max. 80 °C 624 Watt
Idle GPU 210 MHz (Curve optimized), 0,894 V max. 31 °C 231 Watt

But where there’s wood, there are chips. This is also clearly reflected in the maximum power consumption of this graphics card. However, the performance speaks for itself and the temperatures are simply excellent in daily operation.

Now we come to the conclusion.

MSI GeForce RTX 4090 Gaming X Trio 24G Result and general impression …