Samsung SSD 960 Pro 1 TB M.2 NVMe Review

The Samsung 960 Pro 1 TB M.2 NVMe SSD can convince all along the line and received our OC Dream Award ! The SSD is incredibly fast, but does not reach the limit of our ASRock test system thanks to 32Gb/s Ultra M.2 slot. Let us begin now with the delivery, price, specifications, firmware update and some SSD tips, before the fast NVMe M.2 SSD has to compete against many SSDs and SSD RAID array on following pages.

Thanks for the support …

Many thanks for the support with the SSD 960 Pro 1 TB by the manufacturer Samsung.

The Samsung 960 Pro 1 TB NMVe M.2 SSD MZV6P1T0 has at review date a price of approx. 599 Euro (12/2016).

The Samsung 960 Pro SSD series currently includes the following models:
Samsung 960 Pro 512GB MZ-V6P512BW, Samsung 960 Pro 1TB MZ-V6P1T0BW and Samsung 960 Pro 2TB MZ-V6P2T0BW – as M.2 SSD.

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The delivery of the Samsung MZ-V6P1T0 SSD …

The Samsung SSD 960 Pro 1 TB is located in this box:

That is contained in the delivery …

The Samsung SSD 960 Pro 1 TB was supplied with an installation guide, a quick start guide and warranty information. It does not include screws or a CD, such as at the 2.5″ SATA SSD. That’s why you should download the NVMe drivers and the Samsung Magician software directly from Samsung. The Samsung Magician software gives various information and Samsung SSD tools, but more on that later.

Samsung 960 Pro 1 TB technical data …