Streacom FC8 Alpha ITX Case Review

Result and general impression …


The fanless Streacom FC8 Alpha ITX case convinced us by its excellent design, very good workmanship, as well as a clever cooling concept for a completely silent PC or HTPC in the living room.

With the FC8 Streacom succeeded, which is certainly a dream of many PC owners: They have developed a passive cooled case, which allows to build a completely silent PC. We showed with the step by step HTPC guide in the course of the review, how to assemble a complete fanless PC system and what results you can expect.

The Streacom FC8 and Streacom Nano160 PSU of course has downsides you should know before you buy:
– The aluminum chassis surface shows every fingerprint.
– The CPU cooler mounting is relatively challenging.
– The large power supply is external.
– The Streacom Nano160 power supply has no power connector for a graphics card.

But this chassis offers also huge advantages, such as:
+ Chic design in elegant packaging.
+ Very high quality workmanship.
+ Awesome design in elegant packaging.
+ CPU cooler is already included.
+ Fanless and absolutely silent when installing a SSD.
+ Low idle power consumption of the Streacom Nano160 power supply unit.

All in all you have to decide, what criteria are important for you – the Streacom FC8 Alpha ITX case has definitely convinced us to build a HTPC with.

With this innovative design, the Streacom FC8 Alpha case receives our first Innovation Award 06/2017.

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