Thermaltake CT120 ARGB Review

Result and general impression …

For the called unit price of about 16 Euro, the Thermaltake CT120 ARGB PC fans are quite a bargain. Comparably good 120mm fans with the same features will be hard to find on the market for the same price.

They are also well-made and sturdily built. In the low speed range, they run almost unnoticeably quiet and even before their maximum speed of 2000 rpm, the CT120 ARGB fans achieve a decent cooling performance.

On top of that, they offer a powerful and intense addressable RGB lighting that visually upgrades every PC case impressively and despite two connection cables, the cable tangle is kept within limits thanks to Y-connectors.

We cannot attest any notable negative points to the CT120 ARGB fans, which are available in black and white, and those who need even more cooling performance can reach for the 140mm variant, which is only marginally more expensive.

Thus, the CT120 ARGB PC fans earn our Price Tip Award 05/2023!

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