Thermaltake Suppressor F1 Review

The Technical data …

Manufacturer Thermaltake
Description Suppressor F1
Dimensions (W x H x L) 260 x 276 x 319mm
Weight 3.20 kg
Colour black
Supported Motherboard sizes Mini-ITX
Exansion slots 2x 3.5″ (also as 2.5″ usable), 2x 2.5″
Fans 1x 200mm (front), 2x 80mm optional (back)
CPU heatsink Maximum height 144mm
Video card maximum length 255/285mm
Ports 2x USB 3.0, microphone, headphone
Other Dustfilter below the PSU and at the side-openings; Acryl glass window


Thermaltake Suppressor F1 layout, design and features exterior …