Thermaltake Suppressor F1 Review

Result and general impression …


The Thermaltake Suppressor F1 is a niche product. Because of its size it closes the gap between a compact ITX case and the possibility to use potent hardware and the necessary cooling. Owner of the Suppressor F1 also won’t need to make any compromises in their PSU choice or graphic card. Only the CPU heatsink size should be checked in terms of compatibility.

The window does not fully support the simple exterior, unfortunately Thermaltake does not offer a version without a window. But we’ve got the information that you can order side panels (equal to Core V1) with or without window over the Thermaltake support. But the cube-layout makes it possible to exchange all the sides with one another and therefore to place the window on either side. The window can also be exchanged with other materials like mesh relatively easy.

Overall the case quality makes a good impression, just one thumbscrew was not cleanly milled so it couldn’t be tightened completely. Installation and use of the case is easy and fun because most parts are easily and quickly accessible and a screwdriver is only needed for mounting of mainboard, PSU and 3.5″ HDDs.

Its predecessor Core V1 is a lot cheaper at the moment. User who want to put a PC without 5.25-inch optical drive in their living room should prefer the Suppressor F1 anyway for design reasons.

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