Thrustmaster Y-280CPX Headset Review

Setup and test results …

The Thrustmaster 280CPX Headset was tested on the following system:

Intel Core i7 2600K @ 4 GHz
ASUS P8P67 PRO Rev 3.1
MSI GeForce 780ti
Seasonic Platinum power supply 760W
Samsung Pro 840 Pro 256 GB SSD
Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

Apple MacBook Pro Retina (without control unit)

Mobile Geräte:
Apple iPhone 5 (without control unit)

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (without control unit)

The connection to mobile devices were made directly to the jack located on the headset. It is a 4-pin universal plug. The MacBook Retina also has a combo jack and can take the headset without control panel. The recording quality of the microphone has definitely convinced us and can be described as very good.

Here you can hear the recording from the Apple MacBook Pro Retina:

We also connected the Thrustmaster 280CPX to the Apple iPhone5, which also has a combo jack. Again we are convinced by the sound quality. Phone calls could be performed easily and the recording quality was also very satisfactory.

Here you can hear the recording from the Apple iPhone 5:

But not only on Apple systems the Thrustmaster 280CPX could convince us. Also, connected to an Android device, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, the headset could exploit its strengths and produced an equally good sound quality as a clear audio recording. Music and calls had a very good quality.

Here you can hear the recording from the Samsung Galaxy Note 3:

At the conclusion of mobile devices remains to say that the connection cable of the headset is very short. A convenient carrying in your pocket is not possible, and even in a jacket pocket yanked the headset many times on cable and “begging to run”. Here would certainly have been useful and easily feasible a few more centimeters of cable.

But now we come to the last part of our practical tests: The connection to a PC. The control panel is connected to the PC via USB cable and an audio cable to the microphone-in/audio-out of the pc. However, this method is not optimal, since the USB cable with audio-out is quite long, and the included mic jack is relatively short. Here the focus is clearly on the connection with a gamepad that you hold inside your hands. Again, it would have been helpful, to add an additional audio cable to the USB/speaker cable, and a switch to change between console and PC mode.

However, a bigger problem waiting for us in the audio recording of the headset on the PC. In the playback you can already hear, in the upper volume-thirds, a humming noise. This intensified during the audio recordings and made a pleasant voice chat via Skype not longer possible. Whistling and squeaking during the whole recording and pointed at a technical problem or in our case on a technical defect point. The last point we have ruled out by sending in the headset to Thrustmaster Support. The noise is still remaining and we also have a guess, what the problem is related to.

Here you can hear the recording from the PC:

Unfortunately, you can not use the control unit without the USB power supply and so could not be ruled out that the power supply also provides disturbances on the supply line. However, the headset remains suitable on the devices listed above, but only with a very short cable.

Although the audio output had in the heights a very clear reproduction, it was set up defensively in the depths. Even by the regulator we could not turn up the bass effects. Generally is to say that the sound of the Thrustmaster 280CPX is okay for everyday tasks. Thanks to its light weight and good padding the Thrustmaster 280CPX it was pleasant to wear the headset over a long term. Fun had the observer, because the Headset has a rather expansive and solid design that attracts so many glances. Thanks to the adjustment strap it is also intended for larger heads. Although the pads are not removable, the leatherette version should last much longer than models made out of foam. Now we come over to our conclusion of the Thrustmaster 280CPX headset.

Thrustmaster 280CPX headset Result and general impression …