ThunderX3 TK50 Review

With the ThunderX3 TK50 this time we have evaluated an illuminated keyboard with mechanical switches. There is also a live demo video of all LED effects on our YouTube Channel. The name ThunderX3 probably know the least. But the gaming peripheral manufacturer says of himself that he does not start at zero. Considering the fact that the company emerges from a department of the well-known manufacturer AeroCool, we believe it.

Many thanks for the support …

Thanks for the support to Hipp0campus and the manufacturer ThunderX3.

At review date, the ThunderX3 TK50 is available from about 75 Euro, but with rather moderate availability, there are big price fluctuations.

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The delivery of the ThunderX3 TK50 …

In this package the ThunderX3 TK50 was delivered.

On the back you can better recognize the keyboard, here are also the various features explained.

This is included in the delivery …

The sight inside the carton is rather sobering.

Only the keyboard and the palm rest are included. A guide is missing, it is referred to the website. There are at least a few information more than on the carton.

ThunderX3 TK50 technical specifications …