Tribit Stormbox Pro Review

Practical testing …

Subjective impressions
Sound test in practice
IP67 Test
AptX Test

Subjective impressions …

As always, we would like to point out that our audio tests are subjective impressions.

Sound test in practice …

A mobile Bluetooth speaker is typically used with a smartphone, and so we tested the Tribit Stormbox Pro with a smartphone as well.

Pairing was smooth, quick and straightforward. The Stormbox Pro didn’t raise any questions at any time, so we didn’t really need the Tribit Stormbox Pro user manual either.

The sound is really good and surprised us positively. The tuning without XBass is rather neutral, with XBass then very bassy, which should certainly meet the general taste, because normally one does not expect a reference-suitable Hi-Fi image on the road, for example at the lake, but wants to be well entertained. And that is exactly our conclusion after a boat trip, two barbecue afternoons on the balcony and a birthday party in the garden: The sound is very good and with activated XBass comes really a lot of low frequency from the compact box! And of course you can also readjust via equalizer completely to your own taste.

What distinguishes the Stormbox from other speakers is the omnidirectional sound and 360° imaging (source: Tribit). Tribit achieves this through the arrangement of the speakers combined with the passive membranes and that enhances the listening experience again significantly.

If you want to take it to the extreme, you could add a second Stormbox, as advertised, and have the absolute mobile 360° stereo experience :ocinside:

Loudness …

Also on the positive side, the Tribit Stormbox Pro speaker can not only play loud, but can also play music very quietly. This should by no means be taken for granted, because often just more voluminous Bluetooth speakers are already so loud even at the lowest volume setting that you can hardly use them for shallow background music.

Lifetime …

We were able to confirm the stated values in the test: The Stormbox Pro BT speaker is charged after about 7 hours (depending on the charger used) and lasts fully charged for about 24 hours, which should be quite enough for several longer afternoons / evenings at the lake or similar. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about using the powerbank function additionally. However, the exact playing time is of course dependent on the selected volume.

IP67 test …

According to Tribit, the Stormbox Pro is waterproof to IP67, which means dustproof on the one hand, and on the other hand protection against temporary submersion to a maximum water depth of 1 meter for a maximum of 30 minutes. Of course, this means clear fresh water, so you could take the Stormbox with you in the shower or to the pool without worrying if it starts to rain.

Of course, we also tested this and can share two findings with our readers: The Stormbox is indeed waterproof and IP67 does not protect against the Stormbox possibly smells of sea 😀 Should that be the case, but you can simply rinse it again in the hand basin.

AptX test …

According to Tribit, AptX support ensures a stable wireless connection, minimal latency, and excellent audio quality. When connecting, the additional AptX icon actually shows up in the Bluetooth menu under Android 9.

Clicking the speaker reveals an additional “High sound quality” button.

In the test, however, we could only notice a minimal difference, if any, between enabled and disabled “high sound quality”. However, the enabled option definitely feels good and we like the fact that Tribit offers features beyond the usual standard.

Tribit Stormbox Pro Bluetooth speaker Result and general impression …