Uhuru WM-08 RGB Review

Result and general impression …

The Uhuru WM-08 RGB wireless mouse offers solid performance and sufficient features to be used as a budget gaming mouse or even as a second or travel mouse for about less than 20 Euro.

Of course, much is kept a bit simpler especially in comparison to the otherwise rather high-priced gaming mice of the renowned competition, but on an absolutely acceptable level. However, not much can be said about the long-term durability of the switches and the integrated battery, even after 8 weeks of intensive use.

The WM-08 can really score with the RGB lighting. It skillfully sets the wireless mouse in scene in combination with the honeycomb design.

Overall, the Uhuru WM-08 RGB is a very good budget price tip in our eyes and even receives the OCinside.de Price Tip Award!

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