Focal Elegia Review

Focal Elegia over-ears with crisp bass! Today, we are testing on the French-designed Focal Elegia headphones in closed design. As a high-end solution, the Elegia should meet the highest audiophile demands and has dynamic drivers with an alloy of aluminum and magnesium. We hope you enjoy reading the new review!

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The Focal-JMlab Elegia can at review date be purchased for just below 500 Euro.

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Introduction …

With a production bundled in Saint-Etienne, solidly built headphones and the transparent resolving “stage wonder” Utopia, Focal was able to secure a secure place in the front ranks of headphone manufacturers and has thrilled the European market with high-fidelity headphones since 2012. Even though wall speakers and floorstanding loudspeakers are also part of the French manufacturer’s range, we will take a closer look at the Focal Elegia today. These are wrap-around and wired headphones, which, with their 430 g weight, are obviously reminiscent of a magnetostat, but feature a somewhat more advanced dynamic driver. On the following pages, we will show whether the purchase is worth it for music enthusiasts. The RRP is 899 Euros, but the market price is already significantly lower due to the longer gap to the release date.

The scope of delivery …

Due to the not insignificant price point, the expectations for the accessories in the box are correspondingly high, but they were definitely met. First of all, the headphones come in a large, black cardboard box, which per se does not invite you to take the headphones with you on trips.

But far from it – a case equipped with a leatherette handle, zipper and a respectable grayish surface as an addition undoubtedly fits into the well-stocked travel case. Certainly, foldable headphones are a bit more practical to transport here, although the very stable construction of the Elegia is not to be sneezed at either. Furthermore, the Elegia is more of a “stationary” device.

A rather stiff Y-cable with a 3.5 mm jack plug for the computer/audio source is included, which in turn was equipped with a 6.35 mm adapter that can be turned tight. In order to protect the fine grooved optics at the connections of the respective ends, the model was equipped with small protective foils at the corresponding spots in its factory state, which have already been removed for the test pictures.

When the headphones are stored in the case, there is a space in the center for the detachable Y-cable. This is surprisingly inflexible despite the thin construction and is already bent in advance due to the previous folding, so sections of the cable can definitely interfere with the user’s neck. The two ends on the input side of the headphones were marked accordingly with “L” and “R” and can be plugged in wonderfully with a small control noise. The markings on the headphones themselves are only visible from below and are difficult to see due to the dark coloring.

Focal Elegia technical specifications …