ESP8266 Module Review with ESP8266 Tutorial

Layout, design and features …

First and foremost, this small IoT (IoT stands for Internet of Things) NodeMCU chip is the most important component on our board. This is the actual chipset ESP8266MOD. The NodeMCU Open Source platform contains WLAN functionality, various inputs and outputs, a relatively powerful CPU, as well as enough memory to be able to record self-written programs, also called sketches.

The board on which our chip is mounted is also called breadboard. It provides the interfaces more conveniently, converts the 5V USB voltage into the required 3.3V and includes a level converter for programming via USB.

The board is then connected to the computer, smartphone or other power source via Micro USB.

The back side reminds us to install the driver for the USB converter before commissioning.

WLAN ESP8266 module Software …