ESP8266 Module Review with ESP8266 Tutorial

Conclusion and overall impression …


We are simply delighted with the small WLAN ESP8266 module. Not only does it offer many possibilities to accommodate sensors and other actuators, it is also very affordable.

With a little practice and interest in programming and electrical engineering you can realize very interesting projects and save money compared to commercial solutions.

Thanks to the favourable suppliers of sensors, even larger projects should not be a problem for the Finance Minister at home. 😉

Use as a roller shutter control system with motor drivers would be just as conceivable as a rain sensor, a GPS lawnmower or simply a socket outlet control via WLAN. The possibilities are almost unlimited!

The community is constantly growing and new suggestions, features and sketches can be found in the internet. So dear community … have fun “coding” and share your experiences with us in the forum!

With these great features at such a low price, the WLAN ESP8266 Module receives the Price Tip Award!

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