Plastic wrap display discovered – SCD Guide !

Plastic wrap display in operation …

Now we can finally start the PC, power on the display voltage and then we can output a first picture by the graphics card:

Better yet, because of course you can surf on the film, this is how our new portal looks on the awesome plastic wrap display:

Display capabilities …

To the possibility of using are not limited thanks to the extremely thin film ! If as a display for window panes, speedometer or navigation display on windshields, display tables, keyboard labeling, labeling of bottles, fill level indicators on Tetra packs up to a display plane for a complete house. You could wrap the foil also to a Smartphone, to replace the display. Or one simply put the whole shebang to the cupboard:

Why previously no one had this idea ? No idea, we don’t know it !

We are looking forward to numerous suggestions in our plastic wrap display topic and on our OCinside Facebook page.

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Edit 02.04.2015

Yes, it was just an April Fools joke, but may be it is possible in the future 😉

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