AIO Water Cooling Maintenance Guide

AIO water cooling tuning …

What else can be good for the AIO water cooling? There is of course always something to improve and so we have two additional tips to optimize the AIO water cooling:

The already mentioned pump buzzing is easy to handle by an ordinary 7V adapter or simply connect the pump to the motherboard. Some mainboard manufacturers such as ASRock now offers an extra water cooler connection, which is controllable and provides a higher output power for the pump and fan than conventional fan connections. We can not recommend a circuit between +5V and +12V to achieve approximately 7 Volt, the aforementioned methods are much more elegant.

The pump rotates less due to the 7 volt adapter, but this has only a very small effect to the cooling performance and you will be rewarded with an almost silent pump.

Here is a sound recording of the AIO after the maintenance with 7 Volt Mod:

The filling of an AIO water cooling system was already a topic in the first part of the AIO Mod guide. The AIO filling basically works good, but could be more comfortable. We found a better solution which also adds an optical highlight. We’ve added a Alphacool Icewing flowmeter to the water colling.

The Alphacool Icewing has a third access on the upper side, above the water inlet and outlet, which can be used to fill the AIO very well. So you can easily remove air bubbles from the circuit. A little patience is, however, also required with this method, because the Icewing does not replace a proper compensating tank. Instead you shake air bubbles again and again towards the Icewing until all air inclusions are gone, and refill it afterwards.

The flow meter is a significantly improvement to the AIO water cooling.