Arcade Machine DIY Guide

Before going to the actual worklog, Daniel starts with the arcade machine planning and the necessary features.

Let’s go …

First of all, I would like to say that the following report should not be a step-by-step guide to replicating and I can not assume any guarantee or liability for this. But I would be very happy if one or the other might want to take an idea of it.

As a big fan of computer games, with which I, as an advanced thirties, had contact very early on, I finally fulfilled my long-awaited wish for my own arcade machine – in my own design.

I did not have to think long about the features because I had clear ideas about the device from the beginning.

The most important features are:
– It should be not a small toy, but something massive
– In thought retro, but at the state of the art
– Multiplayer compatible directly on the device, so 2 joysticks as standard equipment
– Simple and robust construction
– Flexible in terms of software and operation
– Tidy picture and sound reproduction (so no 10-inch cheap screen and PC speaker sound)

At the next page the arcade machine components are ordered …