Arcade Machine DIY Guide


As Daniel has already explained on the previous pages, there are no limits to your own wishes when implementing the arcade machine. And even dealers for the necessary buttons, switches and joysticks there are fortunately in abundance, so that you quickly find something.

How to arrange the buttons and joysticks, whether you might even build a large stand housing or if it may just be a small 10-inch retro Daddelbox, everyone can decide for themselves.

Finally, there is the appropriate arcade machine software. Luckily there is also a great arcade software variety here. No matter if you decide for a Raspberry Pi with Retropie or Recalbox software or if you build a small ITX PC or a fully grown full size ATX PC with a Windows or Linux based Mame emulator, at the end you need the right ROM download to play Frogger, Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Popey, Arkanoid, Centipede, Star Wars Triology, Mario Kart Arcade, 1945, 1942, Gyrus, Zaxxon or all the other great arcade games. Unfortunately, there is a legal problem right here, because even the most beautiful retro games are copyrighted, but our own copy of a ROM board is, in our opinion, at least a legal gray area. As long as you have not officially purchased the ROMs, you should not actually use them. For this reason we do not offer any arcade software downloads or ROM downloads at this point.

Of course, such a retro arcade machine project is a lot of work, but we at support creativity in the form of any casemods, casecons, or similar. for over 17 years now and we are very excited about your suggestions in the corresponding German arcade machine topic as well as in the arcade machine English topic and gladly help with further questions.

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