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DVB-T Stick SDR Guide

SDR Tips …

Unfortunately does this little trick, as was to be expected already, not work with any chipset.

Please consult these two lists to determine the chipset of your own DVB-T Stick:

Wiki rtl-sdr and Rtlsdr_compatibility_list_v2_w

Also note that there are different revisions that are invoked in order to ensure a smooth reception. You should also be concerned about the placement of the receiving antenna. In order to have the best possible reception, the antenna should be mounted as high as possible and outside. It is best to use a broadband antenna that has multiple antenna rods of different wavelengths.

Here’s an example. *AdIf the signal is still not strong enough, there is only the possibility to use a broadband preamplifier. Therefore, the model M-100 from Moonraker or JIM suitable. Alternatively, you could also take the ScanMaster SP-55. Unfortunately, these devices are rarely found and new they cost a lot of money. But in most cases the use of the above mentioned antenna should be sufficient depending on the region. Or you can use grandma’s old Yagi antenna on the roof, because it is no longer needed anyway 😉 It should be noted that the normal antenna connector of this stick has an impedance of 75 ohm. With this impedance, the antenna should be adjusted. There are also Sticks with 50 Ohm connectors that can have a SMA connector.

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