Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Pi PiCam Review

Raspberry Pi und Raspberry Pi PiCam Review
Raspberry cake at OCinside.de – of course overclocked. In the German kitchen the Raspberry Pie is rather less common. However, a device is becoming increasingly popular, which owes its name to this very sweet fruit cake. The Raspberry Pi single board computer. In this test, we will look more closely at the shooting star of the single-board computers and clarify who could use it. Furthermore, we will also test the PICAM – a fitting HD camera module for the Raspberry Pi. We als show other accessories that are available also on the Arduino platform and make a small Rasperry Pi bundle. Enjoy reading our Raspberry Pi and PICAM HD camera module review.

For a long time this mini computer fulfilled its original purpose, being a a convenient development platform for students to learn programming and microelectronics. The community has catapulted the Raspberry Pi to new heights, helping this project thus gaining huge popularity.

Thanks for the support …

Many thanks for the support with the review to Marauder25.

The Raspberry Pi Modell B has at review date a price of approx. 35 Euro.

There are now two versions of the computer, which differ in Model A and Model B. The Model A has only 256 MB of RAM, no network interface and only one USB 2.0 port. For a small fee you get the model B Pi with 512 MB RAM, 10/100 LAN and 2x USB 2.0 interface.

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The delivery of the Raspberry Pi …

The scope of delivery varies greatly with the choice of the dealer from which you ordered the Raspberry Pi. However, we ordered the Raspberry Pi individually and only got a box where the motherboard is inside. A Handbook and explanatory leaflet you’re looking for unfortunately is not included.

Raspberry Pi Accessories …

Alternatively, there are various combinations that are useful for the first operation, and are absolutely needed. Here is an excerpt of a possible accessory kit:

Raspberry Pi SD Card

As a SDCard a minimum of 4 GB is recommended. The card should not be too slow too, because you need to install the operating system on it. The Raspberry Pi has no SATA or IDE interfaces to connect a hard disk. To be particularly stable and performant the class 4 Samsung memory cards proven to be good because sometimes they have a higher writing speed than the class 10 cards.

Raspberry Pi PSU with Micro USB connector

The official figures say at least, that the Model A Pi has a current of 500 mA and the Model B variant has 700 mA. This current may be increase when you connect more devices. In various forums users recommend at least a 1000 mA power supply under normal use, as well as a 2000mA power supply if you like to overclock the Pi or use further equipment. For this purpose power supplies are good that are used with GPS systems.

Raspberry Pi HDMI or RCA cable

Since the Raspberry Pi has no VGA or DVI connection, it is only possible either via HDMI or RCA cable to connect it to a monitor or TV. Experienced PC users should know “quality” of the S-video (CVBS), and so it is recommended to use an HDMI cable. These are available cheap and in a good quality on Amazon.

Raspberry Pi Mouse and keyboard

If you like to work with the linux terminal a mouse is not really required. You do not even need a keyboard connected if you want to operate the Pi “headless”. This means you can connect via Terminal (SSH) to the Pi and send the commands directly to the console. However there are some mini multimedia keyboards recommended by the community which are not really cheap. Or maybe you can get your hand on one of those stylish rubber-roll keyboards.

Raspberry Pi Enclosure

We have another optional accessory for you. If you have some technical skills you can build out a few Lego bricks or some wood a beautiful housing by yourself. For this purpose, there are also great suggestions on the World Wide Web. Of course there are already great solutions ready to buy … but who wants that ?! To experiment you do not really need a housing around the Pi, but obey the static electricity.

Moreover, there is are further accessories. Various relay boards, developed specifically for the Pi, camera board, various LCD displays and mini motion detectors – here you find the Raspberry Pi accessories. *Ad
The technical data of the Raspberry Pi …