Arctic BioniX F120 and F140 Review

Benchmark values and test results …

First, we measured the fans in the removed state with a dB meter from a distance of 100cm. In addition, we determined the respective rotational speed.

120mm Arctic BioniX F120 …

20% 27dB 760rpm
40% 28dB 1380rpm
60% 33dB 1930rpm
80% 39dB 2400rpm
100% 43dB 2730rpm

140mm Arctic BioniX F140 …

20% 28dB 715rpm
40% 32dB 1360rpm
60% 38dB 1890rpm
80% 42dB 2340rpm
100% 46dB 2640rpm

Up to 40% the fans are still as silent, afterwards it goes steadily upwards and from 80% they give everything they have. However, the noise is not unpleasant over the complete control range. They will be louder the faster they rotate, but the sound is free from bearing noise, cluttering, etc.

It is also interesting that the measured fan speed figures differ so clearly from the details on the packaging. We then tested different connectors and even a different motherboard, but the values remained the same as we noted them. Here, the fans either output incorrect values via the PWM signal or are not recognized correctly by the 3-phase motor. All speeds are displayed approx. 50% too high!

We recorded the sprint from 0 to 100 and back on video:

Arctic BioniX F120 fan

Arctic BioniX F140 fan

Arctic BioniX field test …