Arctic BioniX F120 and F140 Review

Construction, design and features …

Arctic grants the BioniX Series 10 years warranty. The back of the package tells us why: compared to typical single or two-phase motors, the three-phase motors of the BioniX fans achieve less 20°C less intrinsic temperature. According to Arctic, 10°C will double the lifetime, so 20°C will give a fourfold lifetime. So at least the theory, which we can only verify after 10 years in practice.

Another feature is PWM PST (PWM Sharing Technology). For this purpose, each fan has not only a PWM plug for connection to the mptherboard, but also a PWM socket is connected via a cable bridge of approx. 5cm length.

The idea behind this is that several fans use the same PWM signal – e.g. from the CPU fan connector – and so perfectly synchronized. For example, in the front of the case a fan blowing into the case, the fan on the CPU cooler and a back fan blowing out of the case exactly the same speed. But even in situations where more than one fan is to be connected to a connector, this can be handy. For example, with a dual or triple radiator of water cooling, or large heat pipe coolers, which permit mounting of more than one fan. Arctic itself recommends a maximum of 5 fans per mainboard connection to avoid overloading. We recommend to take a look at the mainboard manual to see how much the fan connector can be loaded.
Let’s look at the fans themselves in detail. The Arctic BioniX F120 fan …

… and the Arctic BioniX F140 fan …

… are equal, except in size. On the front, the Arctic logo decorates the fan hub. In the delivery condition, the logo is protected with a foil.

The back shows the model and the electrical data. This is the back of the Arctic BioniX F120 fan.

And this is how the rear of the Arctic BioniX F140 fan looks.

The simple black / white design is rounded off with black-sleeved cables. You could guess that the white area around the mounting holes is made of rubber, to decouple, but this is not so. The material, texture and feel are otherwise very valuable. You have the feeling of holding high-end in your hands. We are curious to see if this will be confirmed in the test.

Arctic BioniX benchmark values and test results …