Arctic Freezer 36 A-RGB Review

Lighting …

The Freezer 36 A-RGB Black tested by us has a completely black base color and is flanked by two 120mm fans with addressable RGB lighting. Alternatively, the Freezer is also available with silver cooling fins or painted white. However, RGB lighting is only available with the white or completely black version.

In each case, 12 addressable RGB LEDs illuminate the rotor of the fan evenly and powerfully, whereby a suitable mainboard or a separate A-RGB controller must be used for control.

To synchronize the A-RGB fans with other A-RGB components, Arctic has integrated connection sockets for distributing the 5V A-RGB signal in the fan connection cables.

The following short video in our OCinside YouTube channel shows the beautiful RGB implementation on the Freezer 36 A-RGB Black.
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