Arctic Freezer 36 A-RGB Review

Result and general impression …

With the refresh of the Freezer CPU coolers, Arctic has apparently done everything right again and further developed the Freezer 35 in the right places to make the Arctic Freezer 36 the perfect partner for cooling modern CPUs. Especially in combination with the AMD Ryzen 7600X processor, the Freezer 36 cuts a particularly fine figure and can even keep up with supposedly more powerful coolers. The use of both fans is definitely preferable, as this ensures optimum cooling performance at low noise levels.

The Freezer 36 is easy to install in every respect, and we particularly like the new click system for fan mounting. On top of this, Arctic also includes a contact frame for Intel systems with the Freezer 36 to further improve the contact between the cooler and the CPU.

The most difficult thing about the Freezer 36 is the selection from the 5 different variants, where you can choose from different basic colors, RGB lighting and long-life ball bearings.

The build quality is also excellent and the move away from the proprietary fans of its predecessor and the reintroduction of multi-compatibility ultimately make the Freezer 36 an excellent overall package.

With this impressive overall performance, the Arctic Freezer 36 A-RGB easily secures our Purchase Tip Award 03/2024 and we are excited to see what else Arctic will come up with in the future.

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