Arctic Liquid Freezer III 280 A-RGB Review

New water cooling system from Arctic presented today and already tested on! In order to meet the requirements of the latest CPU generations, the cooling specialists at Arctic have given their successful product of recent years a makeover and released the Liquid Freezer III, an optimized water cooler for AMD AM4/AM5 and Intel Socket 1700. On top of this, the visual aspects have even been taken to the next level with enhanced RGB functions, which can of course also be viewed in detail on our YouTube channel. What’s new with the Arctic Liquid Freezer III AIOs and how it performs in our performance check is revealed in the following review and video.

Thanks for the support …

Thanks for the support to Daniel and the manufacturer Arctic.

The Arctic Liquid Freezer III water cooling system, or Arctic LF3 for short, is available in the versions LF3 240, LF3 280, LF3 360 and as LF3 420 AIO, each in Standard Black, A-RGB White and A-RGB Black.

The Arctic Liquid Freezer III 280 A-RGB Black CPU water cooler we tested currently costs around 90 Euro.

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Arctic Liquid Freezer III Video …

If you don’t have time to read through the entire review and want to see the ARGB effects, you can sit back and watch some important details in the Arctic Liquid Freezer 3 video on our OCinside YouTube channel.
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The delivery of the Arctic Liquid Freezer 3 280 A-RGB Black …

The black version of the Liquid Freezer III A-RGB that we tested comes in equally black packaging and with colorful A-RGB lettering.

Key features such as the 6-year warranty and multi-compatibility are listed right next to the large name lettering.

On the right-hand side you will find a link to the product page of the cooler.

The address for the online manual is printed on the left and the package contents are also listed.

All relevant technical data is shown on the back, as well as a link to the Liquid Freezer III support page.

Information on recycling and CO2 neutrality as well as Arctic’s postal address in Germany can be found on the underside of the packaging.

Not much to see at the top …

… so we’d better open the box quickly and see what Arctic has conjured up this time. The individual components are well protected, even if the use of plastic is still quite high. But as we have received a product from the first production batch, we can assume that Arctic will make further improvements to the packaging, particularly in terms of sustainability.

Arctic Liquid Freezer 3 Scope of delivery …

Everything is included with the Liquid Freezer III 280 A-RGB Black. Firstly, of course, the pre-assembled and ready-to-use water cooler itself, which, thanks to the all-in-one design, does not need to be filled with cooling water by the user. To ensure that the 1.7 kg heavy and partially metal construction does not leave any scratches on the table top, it is better to provide it with a protective surface – for example with the new 900 x 400 mm Arctic Liquid Freezer III mousepad, which is available separately. The technical sketches on the pad are extremely attractive and a real eye-catcher.

In addition to the cooler, Arctic also includes the following …
– 0.8 grams of Arctic MX-6 thermal paste in a syringe
– a screwdriver
– a single connection cable
– one individual connection cable
– a mounting bracket set for AMD systems
– one LGA 1700 contact frame
– diverse Screws and small parts

A highlight of the scope of delivery is the contact frame for Intel Socket 1700 processors. This is used instead of the original clamping mechanism (ILM) to prevent uneven deformation of the heatspreader as far as possible when fixing the CPU in the socket, which should reduce the temperature of the processor under load.

Next, let’s take a closer look at the technical data of the newly developed water cooling system.

Arctic Liquid Freezer III 280 A-RGB Black technical specifications …