Arctic Liquid Freezer II 240 A-RGB Review

ARGB Lighting …

The fan blades of the new P12 PWM PST A-RGB fans are illuminated by 12 addressable LEDs each. They are placed in the hub, which meant that the hub diameter had to be increased from 35mm to 42mm compared to the non-illuminated P12 PWM fans. However, as our practical testing showed, this has no significant negative impact. We could not prove any noticeable disadvantages in our tests, neither in terms of volume nor performance. In return, the new fans now shine with powerful illumination.

For those who already have 12V RGB lighting in use, the separately available Arctic RGB Controller can even be used to synchronize the 5V A-RGB fans of the LF II 240 A-RGB cooler with existing 12V RGB elements. Alternatively, the Liquid Freezer II series is also for sale with 12V RGB fans. We think it’s a bit of a shame that the VRM fan didn’t receive an RGB upgrade, but perhaps Arctic is keeping that in mind for a later refresh :rgb:

To see the lighting effects for yourself, we’ve posted a video of the A-RGB version online on our OCinside YouTube Channel. Enjoy watching it. If you subscribe to the channel and activate the notification, you won’t miss any new video from us in the future.
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Arctic Liquid Freezer II 240 A-RGB AIO water cooling overall impression and conclusion …