Barrow LTYK3-04 Review

Practical test – cooling…

The assembly started with amazement that no manual is included. However, since we can describe the mounting material or its quantity as “well manageable”, we were good without a manual.

Threaded bolts are already pre-assembled on the cooler, so we only need to attach plastic washers.

Now you can already apply thermal grease. We did not use the garnish paste but used Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut. Then the cooler is placed on the CPU.

Screwed from the back of the mainboard, each with a screw + spring + plastic washer.

The cooler is already mounted and can be integrated into the circuit …

… as well as being filled.

However, the pictures already apply here: These were also our first steps with Hardtubes, therefore, the filling and testing is first secured with a few tissue paper from a well-known manufacturer.

Barrow LTYK3-04 test setup and results …