Cooler Master Eisberg Prestige 240L Review

The Cooler Master Iceberg 240L water cooler is a ready-filled liquid cooling, which is based on a system of Alphacool and forms a closed cooling system. Unlike the previously tested Antec H2O 620 and H2O 920 LCLC (Low Cost Liquid Cooling) PC water coolers is this Iceberg cooler from Cooler Master upgradeable and can be filled directly over a screw at the CPU cooler. Fan, radiator and two 330 mm long tubes were kept in black and all connecting cables are provided with a black plastic sleeve. Particularly positive is the excellent finish with high quality fittings. Even the radiator and the cooling plate of the Cooler Master 240L water cooling device is made of copper to ensure maximum heat dissipation.

Here is a picture of the Cooler Master Eisberg Prestige 240L cooler without the two 120mm fans:

Two black flexible tubes with 330 millimeters in length connects the radiator to the cooling body, which contains the copper cooling plate, a water reservoir and an integrated pump. The radiator measures approx. 30 mm in depth, and the maximum air flow rate is approximately 2x 60 CFM. Cooler Master sets in two separate rubber rings and the necessary screws to mount the 120mm fans. Both fans came with a 3-pin connector, but an adapter to connect to a single molex connector is not included. A fan or pump control is not included, but fortunately most motherboards have enough fan connectors and offers often also a fan controller. Alternatively, you could also check fan control tools like SpeedFan.

A maintenance like for a normal water cooling, where you should regularly add water is not described in the manual.

Here is again a picture of the Cooler Master Eisberg Prestige 240L watercooler with the two 120mm fans installed:

Here you can see the very well polished cooling plate made of copper, wherein the copper block has micro channels and a separate JetStream plate to increase the flow rate.

Here we see the CPU cooler from top, which contains a water pump and is using different metal mounting brackets attached to each processor:

Here we see again the FILL screw for filling the water reservoir and cooling system:

Cooler Master Eisberg Prestige 240L Watercooler Installation …