Crucial BX200 960 GB SSD Review

Today on, we have tested the Crucial BX200 1TB SSD or more specific the BX200 960GB with original firmware MU01 and firmware MU02, which is published a few days ago. The previously tested BX200 500GB is already well priced, but could not fully convince us. What are the results of the Crucial CT960BX200SSD1 960GB BX200 SSD ? We will show the results on the following pages and compare them with the Crucial BX100, Crucial MX200 and many other SSDs.

Thanks for the support …

Many thanks for the support with the Crucial BX200 960 GB SSD by the manufacturer Crucial.

The Crucial BX200 960 GB SATA3 2.5″ SSD CT960BX200SSD1 has at review date a price of approx. 279 Euro and is also available in the Crucial shop. So the price is at the review date approx. 40 Euros below the BX100 1TB SSD and approx. 60 Euro below the MX200 1TB SSD.

The Crucial BX200 series currently includes the following models:
Crucial BX200 240GB CT240BX200SSD1,
Crucial BX200 480GB CT480BX200SSD1,
Crucial BX200 960GB CT960BX200SSD1.

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The delivery of the Crucial CT960BX200SSD1 SSD …

The Crucial BX200 960 GB SSD is located in this box:

The cardboard back is showing the scope of delivery.

That is contained in the delivery …

After opening the box, the well packaged SSD comes to light. The accessories is located under the SSD and under the black plastic.

The Crucial BX200 2.5″ SSD CT960BX200SSD1 is delivered together with a 7.5mm to 9.5mm adapter and Acronis True Image HD software activation key, which was contained usually in the delivery of more expensive SSDs like MX100 or MX200. Acronis True Image HD software can backup and restore not only hard drives and SSDs, but transfer especially Windows from a hard drive to an SSD and migrate it.

Crucial BX200 960 GB technical data …