Enermax T.B. RGB Review

Setup and test results …

For pure benchmarking, a fan was controlled via the controller when it was dismantled.

The volume was always measured from a constant distance of 100cm using a highly sensitive Shure SM57 Dynamic instrument microphone and a db meter.

Since the fan speed is not controlled via PWM or 3-pin DC, but in 7 steps via the remote control, the fan speed could not be determined. The specifications specify a speed range of 500-1500rpm.

Level Enermax T.B. RGB Volume
7 21 dB
6 17 dB
5 14 dB
4 13 dB
3 9 dB
2 7 dB
1 7 dB

In level 1 the fans should rotate at lowest speed, but they also tend to stop instead. Especially when activating the sleep mode of the PC and waking it up, this could be provoked regularly. Otherwise, the db values are very good, only from level 4 the fans are really audible, but they never get really loud. The RGB fans are almost as quiet as the T.B. Silence ADV 12cm models. However, the amount of moving air and thus their cooling capacity is also lower according to the specification.

Enermax T.B. RGB Practical testing …