Gamdias Hermes P1 RGB Review

Construction, design and features …

The keyboard has a standard layout, but the enter key is narrow. Macro and media buttons are realized by pressing the FN key.

As usual with mechanical keyboards, the height of the keys is significantly higher than with conventional keyboards. A handgrip thus makes the work much more comfortable and practical included.

This is inserted from above into the triangular slots provided for this purpose. Unfortunately these do not lock, so the handlebars lie loosely in the guide and tends to clatter.

Also, the guidance of the large keys (e.g., the empty key) might require some more guidance. However, this does not affect the function. All the keys did their job without scratching or hacking.

In the Hermes P1 RGB mechanical switches of the chinese manufacturer TTC were installed. As with the brown Cherry MX switches, the TTC brown have a tactile feedback, which trigger at a force of 55gr. The brown switches are a good compromise between writing and playing.

Here is a closer look at the switches:

The semi-transparent plastic makes the keys very clear. At the lowest level, the keys seem to fluoresce while they are almost too light at the maximum brightness. The keyboard allows you to adjust the brightness in 4 levels. So it meets every need.

Of course, this keyboard can also be adjusted in height using fold-out feet. The gumming always ensures a secure hold of the 1.5kg keyboard.

The keyboard is made of brushed aluminum, but the bottom is made of plastic. However, a twisting of the keyboard is not possible and leaves a stable, high-quality impression.

We also find a small tool on the back, which can easily remove the keys.

For example, it is possible to switch the FN and Windows key to each other, which is especially good for gamers, to prevent an accidental trigger of the Windows key.

The fabric-sheathed USB cable can be installed in a cable guide on the bottom of the keyboard so that it emerges further to the right or left.

Gamdias Hermes P1 RGB field test …