Gamdias Hermes P3 RGB Review

The Software …

After downloading the software and trouble-free installation, we look at the following start screen. Here we select our keyboard. We also see that all of Gamdias’ peripherals are realized with a single interface/software.

After the keyboard selection we are in the start screen at the keyboard assignment, where you can assign a different function to each key under General. The profiles can be selected with the FN + 1-6 keys. Additionally, each profile can be assigned up to 3 programs, so that you can start your game + Teamspeak by selecting the profile.

With the selection FN+G you can assign a previously created macro to the two macro keys G1 + G2.

Under “Macro Management” we have all possibilities to create and save macros.

The point “Keyboard Luminance” allows us to make any choice of lighting for the Hermes P3.

It is even possible to assign a different color to each individual key. This can then be saved in one of the 6 profiles. You can assign your favourite games your own colour profile including effects.

An overview of the effects can be seen here.

The “Assign Sounds & Timer”, “Sound File Edit” and “Timer Setting” menu items can be used to assign timers to alarm buttons.

These let preset soundfiles sound after expiration of the timer.

And give hints.

With the point “Updates/Support” you get the exact information about the used software and firmware version, including the direct possibility to download the latest Gamdias software or Gamdias firmware.

With a click on the Hera icon below links we get to the software settings. Here you can set the background logo, color and language. Unfortunately, only the menu items are displayed in a translated popup. A real translation of the software is unfortunately not possible. With “Keyboard Keymap” you can unfortunately only choose between English US and UK. You cannot set a German keyboard layout. Under OSD Setting, the timers created under “Assign Sound & Timer” are positioned and the color is set. Profile, DPI (for mice) and the volume change can also be displayed visually or acoustically. Here you can also choose between male or female voice.

Gamdias Hermes P3 RGB result and general impression …