Icy Dock MB521SP-B FlexiDock Review

Installation …

To operate the MB521SP-B removable frame, a 3.5″ external bay is required. So if you have an older case, you might have one free if it is not occupied by a floppy drive for optical reasons.

Since our test system is housed in a Phanteks Enthoo Pro M case, which no longer has a 3.5″ external bay, we decided to use the Flex-Fit Trio from IcyDock. This creates a 3.5″ bay in a 5.25″ external bay and space for two 2.5″ drives.

Otherwise, the installation is relatively simple. The MB521SP-B is simply plugged into the bay until it is flush at the front and then fixed with the 4 screws provided. Afterwards only a SATA signal and power cable has to be connected.

Afterwards, the MB521SP-B can easily be equipped with an SSD, for example. This is as easy as 30 years ago with floppy disks.

Only on the last 3mm it is a bit tight. By the way, you also need a lot of power to push the eject button to get the SSD to come towards you again. But this should be easier in the course of time.

Speaking of tight, unlike pressing the eject button, the installation under Windows 10 was absolutely easy!

Because the MB521SP-B is directly connected via SATA, no driver installation is necessary. Therefore there are no system requirements to be fulfilled apart from a SATA port.

However, we recommend to define the corresponding SATA port in the BIOS/UEFI as a hot plug, because otherwise data can be lost if the drive is removed during operation.

Before we now come to the conclusion, let’s have a look at the MB521SP-B in its installed state.

Icy Dock flexiDOCK MB521SP-B Result and general impression …