iiyama G-Master G2740QSU Black Hawk Monitor Review

Affordable 27-inch WQHD monitor with IPS panel! Today we are testing at OCinside.de the latest iiyama G2740QSU-B1 Black Hawk WQHD gaming monitor with AMD FreeSync and IPS panel. In the following iiyama G-Master G2740QSU review, we show the strengths and weaknesses of the monitor.

Thanks for the support …

Thanks for the support to the manufacturer iiyama.

The iiyama G-Master G2740QSU-B1 Black Hawk monitor currently has a price of approx. 230 Euro (12/2021).

There are other versions, such as the iiyama G-Master Red Eagle G2470HSU-B1, which however only supports Full HD and not WQHD compared to the Black Hawk and is available for less than 200 Euro.

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The delivery of the iiyama G-Master G2740QSU Black Hawk monitor …

iiyama delivers the G2740QSU in an elaborately designed glossy box.

On the back, some important features of the monitor have been summarized.

After opening the box we can already see classic styrofoam insert, which we can pleasantly pull out of the box.

The scope of delivery includes a power cable, as well as a display port and HDMI connection cable, a USB cable and the stand with a plug-in cable grommet. Of course, a quick-start guide and a brochure with safety instructions are also included.

Next, let’s take a look at the technical data.

iiyama G-Master G2740QSU Black Hawk monitor technical specifications …