Lian Li SP850 Gold SFX Power Supply Review

Energy efficient PCIe 5.0 SFX power supply! Lian Li has taken it upon itself to develop a modern, powerful PC power supply in small form factor format, which should fully meet today’s standards and customer requirements. The result is a fully modular 850 Watt SFX PC power supply with 80 Plus Gold certification and 12-pin high-power connector according to PCIe 5.0 standard. On paper, this reads excellent, but how the small power dwarf performs in practice will be revealed in the following review here on!

Even though PC power supplies have hardly changed externally in recent years, their technical progress has not stopped and the new CPUs and graphics cards are more power-hungry than ever before. Along with this, new connectors for greater power transfer were developed with the PCIe 5.0 standard, which caused the number of power connectors in the PC sector to grow further. In addition, the desire for higher efficiency has grown in recent years to counteract rising energy costs. These reasons and more, Lian Li has taken it upon itself to develop a modern, high-performance PC power supply in small form factor format to meet today’s standards and customer demands.

Thanks for the support to Daniel & Lian Li and enjoy reading the new review.

The Lian Li SP850 SFX PC power supply is available in white and black and currently has a price of approx. 150 Euro (09/2022).

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The delivery of the Lian Li SP850 …

The small form factor power supply comes in a compact, sturdy cardboard box, which is dominated by the typical blue and black colors of Lian Li power supplies. The top is adorned with a picture of the power supply along with some feature highlights and the reference to the 5-year warranty.

The bottom side shows the dimensions of the power supply as well as an overview of the connectors and the included connection cables. The 12-pin connector for graphics cards according to PCIe 5.0 standard is of course particularly noteworthy, since we have not come across this in SFX power supplies before. The plug officially bears the nice name 12VHPWR (12 Volt High Power).

On one of the two side panels, a few features of the power supply are listed in German and French …

… and on the other side then again in English.

In the front, there is information about the power supply’s part number and certifications.

A few interesting technical details regarding efficiency and volume are printed on the back, which we will go into later in the review.

The upper side can be conveniently opened so that you get unhindered access to the entire content. A thank-you card and a sheet with the technical data are the first things to be revealed after opening. The power adapter has been securely enclosed in sturdy foam. Almost nothing can happen during transport.

For further protection, the power supply was wrapped in plastic foil and the cables are in a cloth bag, which can be used later for space-saving storage of unneeded cables.

The delivery of the Lian Li SP850 …

Overall, when you buy the SP850, you get the power supply including cable in a bag.

We will go into more detail about the individual cables later.

Lian Li SP850 technical specifications …