Arctic Liquid Freezer II Service Kit Installation Guide

Mistakes can happen! It is important that they are detected and fixed in time. Unfortunately, a certain batch of Liquid Freezer II water coolers from Arctic had faulty gaskets installed under the cold plates. Water leakage in the PC would of course be the last thing you want when running a water cooling system, as this may cause damage to the PC. Today we show on how to replace the gasket under the cold plate of the AIO water cooling with the Liquid Freezer II Service Kit. On the one hand as written instructions with pictures and useful tips and on the other hand we also show the tutorial as video on our OCinside YouTube Channel.

The poorly vulcanized gaskets can partially dissolve over time and lead to a leak according to Arctic. Arctic is aware of this problem and offers all owners of affected water coolers of the Liquid Freezer II series a free replacement of the cold plate including gasket.

Which Arctic Liquid Freezer II are affected?

You can check if your own water cooling system is affected at Arctic’s support. You can contact Arctic by phone or via the online contact form. The Arctic support hotline is available from Monday to Friday from 7:00 to 16:00 Arctic Support.

Arctic even actively reaches out to buyers who have purchased a defective product. For example, Amazon buyers are contacted directly through the Amazon notification feature and advised of the potential problem.

Faulty gaskets were sold starting around May 2021, but Liquid Freezer II coolers currently on sale already have the new, improved gasket made of silicone installed.

If your own water cooling system is affected, Arctic offers to replace the parts at the factory. However, you have to send in your water cooler and expect a waiting period of about 1-2 weeks until you get the rebuilt water cooler back. If you don’t want to wait that long and are confident enough to do the rebuild yourself, you can have the Liquid Freezer II Service Kit with all the necessary components sent to you free of charge. That’s exactly what we did and show in the following instructions that replacing the gasket and the cold plate isn’t as difficult as you might think. On the one hand, we show a detailed step-by-step guide with pictures and useful tips in written form, on the other hand, we have also recorded the AIO conversion on video and uploaded it to our YouTube Channel.

Thanks for the support …

Thanks for the support to Daniel and Arctic.

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Scope of delivery …

The service kit includes the following components:
– a new cold plate
– a new gasket
– one MX Cleaner cleaning cloth
– 2 new screws
– 0.8 grams of MX-5 thermal paste
– 10 ml coolant

Before we get to the written instructions, we would like to show the AIO instructions as a video on the following page.

Arctic Liquid Freezer II Service Kit installation guide step by step as video …