Martrea Acute Angle AA-B4 Mini PC Review

Layout, design and features …

We have created a 360° view of the Acute Angle AA-B4 PC to make sure you don’t miss a single detail.


Let’s start with the front of the stylish Martrea Acute Angle AA-B4, where in the upper area the power button includes a power LED, reset and two USB 3.0 ports.

There are only a few ventilation holes on one side of the housing …

… and on the opposite side you only see a discreet company logo. At the back there is an acrylic element illuminated by two blue LEDs.

The backside is also provided with some ventilation holes in the upper area, which should not be covered at all, because behind it there is the small fan duct construction, which we will show again right away. Then we come to the connections that the Martrea Acute Angle PC has to offer. At the top is the 3.5 mm jack port for audio output, below is the LAN port, followed by the HDMI port and unfortunately only one USB 3.0 port at the back and the 12V power port.

Since a conventional USB keyboard and USB mouse usually requires two USB ports, we would have considered this a minimum, especially since Intel’s Apollo Lake would support up to eight USB ports. Fortunately, small mobile PCs often use Bluetooth combos, so many users will be able to cope with it.

Open Martrea Acute Angle PC …

Of course we from take another look behind the scenes by removing the four screws under the “Warranty void if removed” stickers.

Then remove one more screw of the protective conductor and you can push the complete PC forward.

With the cover removed you can see the small but relatively quiet fan with fan outlet on the right side of the picture, the two buttons on the front, the USB ports, the two cables of the BT/WiFi antennas and the 128GB SSD. A SATA port or other internal connection options are not available.

That would have brought us to the end of our little hardware tour. In the following practical testing we will see how the small Acute Angle AA-B4 Mini PC performs.

Martrea Acute Angle AA-B4 Practical testing …