Martrea Acute Angle AA-B4 Mini PC Review

Power consumption of the Acute Angle AA-B4 PC …

We measured the power consumption of the entire system in three test scenarios.

  1. Power Off
  2. Idle
  3. 100% Load
Test scenario Power consumption
Power Off approx. 0 Watt
Idle approx. 7,5 Watt
100% Load approx. 19,4 Watt

The result clearly shows where the strengths of this Acute Angle AA-B4 PC system are and that is the power consumption!

At least with the electricity bill you get the receipt for a carefree PC compilation, as our PC electricity cost calculator shows very easily.

With this you can calculate the electricity consumption and the electricity costs:

Interactive power consumption calculator

Let us now come to our conclusion.

Martrea Acute Angle AA-B4 Result and general impression …