Scythe Iori Review

Installation …

As the Scythe Iori is a rather simple and lightweight cooler, the installation is rather simple, too. About 90% of it works the same as with the standard mounting material of the chip manufacturer. Which means, you don’t necessarily have to remove the motherboard from the case, except you have to remove an old cooler.

Owner of an Intel CPU have to put the metal bar between the heatpipes und connect it to the push-pin system with screws.

With an AMD CPU you simply need to put the supplied metal retaining clip into the right position.

The unspecified thermal grease is delivered in a disposable packaging. It spreads nicely because it has a relatively low viscosity due to a high proportion of liquid ingredients.

The last step is the mounting itself where we faced an unexpected obstacle. Firstly, the heatsink is unbalanced and tends to tip over on the side of the cover plate while trying to adjust the push pins. And secondly, because of this asymmetry two of the push pins are hidden below the heatsink so that they are a bit difficult to handle.

This is what the fully assembled Scythe Iori looks like.

Here once again inside the case.

To disassemble a cooler using push pins, you need to return them back into the neutral position by slightly twisting the handles and then carefully pulling them upwards to release the pictured black security pins.

Now where the Scythe Iori sits in place we can expose it to our usual tests.

Scythe Iori setup and test results …