Seasonic MagFlow 1225 PWM Review

Layout, design and features …

In order not to miss any detail, we first created a 360° view of the Seasonic MagFlow 120 again.


When we hold the MagFlow 120 in our hands, we first notice its relatively high weight of over 210 grams. Its medium-gray frame is also extremely stable, which we have rarely experienced before. Twisting the fan with bare hands is only possible with a great deal of force. This is due to its large cross-section, which is why the nine-blade rotor is also about 5 millimeters smaller in diameter than most other 120mm fans without RGB lighting. With just under 43mm, the hub diameter is also stately, behind which the 4-pole motor is hidden along with vibration-damping liquid bearings.

The damping rubbers in the corners of the MagFlow fan are reasonably sized so that they can effectively perform their intended task. They clearly exceed the frame thickness so that the fan rests exclusively on the damping rubbers. The electrical pin contacts are located on one of the side surfaces, where either another MagFlow fan or the proprietary connection cable can be plugged in. Seasonic has particularly ingeniously designed the mechanical and electrical connection mechanisms, which conveniently do not require any screws at all. Both the connection cable and an additional MagFlow fan are positioned and held in place exclusively via magnets in the laterally protruding elements in the form of truncated pyramids.

On the opposite side, oppositely shaped elements and socket contacts are embedded in the frame of the MagFlow Fan. The joining of two MagFlow Fan happens independently by magnetic attraction, if you hold them close enough to each other.

The connector of the connection cable is identical. However, in the area of the electrical contacts, it should additionally be pressed on with a finger without gaps to ensure a secure electrical connection.

The free side surfaces bear the MagFlow logo on one side and the Seasonic logo on the other. In any case, Seasonic did not leave too few logos on the 120mm fan. The blue accents might not be to everyone’s taste, even though they leave the customer with the feeling of having received an elaborately designed product, which is also reflected in the countless edges and facets. Accent colors other than blue are also unfortunately not available. There is nothing to complain about the stable connection of the rotor bearing to the frame; it makes a very solid impression. However, the sticker on the underside states a slightly higher power consumption than the spec sheet. We will measure this ourselves in practical testing.

Both the connecting cable and the extension cable have a nice fabric sheathing. However, you have to carefully cut down the stickers with the labeling if you are bothered by them.

For the special case that several MagFlow fans are to be connected by means of cables, special fan connection cables can be ordered separately, as these are not included in the scope of delivery.

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